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15 Dec 2017

Working with the team over at Friend Studio, Brighter IR recently delivered the new corporate website for Arcus, an independent fund manager investing in European infrastructure assets.

With around €4bn of assets under management and offices throughout Europe, their new website needed to appeal to multiple stakeholder audiences.

The previous Arcus website was over 6 years old and had become dated from a visual and technical perspective. It wasn’t optimised for mobile users, and the underlying technology – Joomla! – wasn’t particularly user-friendly or easy to maintain.

Considered content management…

Working with a comprehensive style guide and designs supplied by Friend, we delivered the new Arcus site using WordPress to make ongoing content management incredibly straightforward, even for more complex and considered content types. Basic pages have standard text blocks that are easy to create, manage and edit, and we customised the more complex content areas to simplify content management as much as possible.

As you would expect, the site focuses heavily on their asset portfolio, which we linked to their news flow with custom taxonomies and relationships, allowing relevant content to be displayed in various places as the user moves throughout the site.

Arcus animations

We were also keen to keep users engaged with animated and interactive elements. Content sections fade into view as the user scrolls down each page, and key landing pages include bespoke animated elements. We handcrafted these as vector assets before implementing with JavaScript to ensure excellent page speed and cross-browser compatibility.

The new site is naturally responsive to cater for the full range of connected devices, and we are pleased to be able to host and support the site. We also provided Arcus with in-house training allowing their content editors to manage everyday changes directly, while we take care of the more technical and mundane tasks including security and backups.

Arcus site on top of a mountain