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A new corporate identity for Kazakh gold producer

10 Apr 2017

Brighter IR designs and delivers a new corporate identity and website for RG Gold LLP to support the company during their next phase of growth

Raising awareness and building perceptions

RG Gold LLP is a Kazakhstan based gold exploration and production company located in the Burabay area of the Akmola region, founded by Verny Capital in 2014.

The company today has over 500 staff making them one of the largest employers in the region. With current production rates of c.33,000 oz set to rise to 50,000 oz in 2018, we were excited to deliver a new corporate identity and support them during the next phase of growth – which will see the creation of a new 4 million-tonnes per annum CIL processing plant by 2021.

Developing a modern and unique corporate identity

Previously known as Raygorodok LLP, the company was renamed RG Gold LLP in 2015. We kept the original logo shape but changed the colours and typeface in a process of gentle evolution to ensure the brand would be recognised by existing audiences, while remaining contemporary for new ones.

RG Gold logo

From this….

RG gold logo

…to this

Following the logo we moved onto other design-orientated deliverables, including new business cards for 40 employees, PowerPoint and document templates, and also the designs for their exhibition stand – all created in time for the Mines and Money show in Hong Kong last week!

RG exhibition stand
RG Gold business cards
RG Gold presentation

Reflecting the qualities of gold

We were keen to ensure a unique and memorable identity for the new corporate website that would set perceptions while remaining true to the company, its operations and sector.

The header includes a descriptive and inviting “mega-menu” dropdown introducing each section, and in the case of the News and Media tab, it also includes links to the latest headlines:

RG Gold website

Gold is an obvious choice as an accent colour, and we complimented it with a royal blue combined with subtle gradients and shading to help elevate the site and add a hint of sophistication.

We also added a glinting effect to the gold buttons used throughout the site that shows briefly when the user hovers their mouse over, used striking high-resolution imagery of the metal and ore, and we also included the gold spot price under the left-hand navigation on internal pages to keep audiences informed.

Gold spot price at 1266.3 USD

RG Gold may not be publicly quoted, but the same standards of communication apply. A corporate website should be easy to navigate, with clear sign-posting and information that’s easy to read and digest.

Working from the existing copy, we used a simple, clear and descriptive language throughout that we hope will help new audiences to understand the company, its operations and strategy. We’re also adding multi-language capabilities over the coming weeks to deliver each page in Kazakh and Russian, an important consideration for a company based in Kazakhstan with local employees, communities and government audiences to consider.

As with our other client projects, the website is powered by the WordPress content management system, making for a site that’s easy to manage and update with low ongoing costs. It’s also flexible and scalable, allowing us to add new sections and content as the company grows and its need to communicate increases.

RG Gold website
golden nuggest