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New IR tools delivered for Active Energy and Cerillion

20 Apr 2016

BRIGHTER*IR delivers a suite of replacement IR tools for Active Energy Group Plc, and supports stakeholder communications for Cerillion Plc following their recent and successful IPO

Best of breed digital investor relations services

We’re extremely pleased to introduce Polaris – a specially developed platform for the quick and efficient delivery of industry leading digital investor relations tools and services.

We’ve listened carefully to our clients, their stakeholders and our agency partners and used the feedback to imagine a new way of working with share price tools, charts, newswires and associated feeds.

Today we can demonstrate what makes them different by taking a closer look at two of our clients.

Built for speed!

Slow sites annoy users. We’re so conditioned to immediacy that we’ll often not spare the extra seconds waiting while they load. Search engines also reward websites that respond quickly with higher rankings compared to slower sites of a similar nature. So it pays to be quick.

Our IR tools are usually integrated into the host website using a single line of code called an iframe. This means the content within an iframe – for example a share price chart – needs to load as quickly as the page it’s embedded into.

Our investor relations tools have been created with quick response times in mind. Careful coding and consideration allows us to create what are arguably the fastest responding tools available today. It’s not a trick we’ve performed with ridiculous hardware resources either, and we have enormous amounts of headroom to scale our applications as Brighter IR grows.

Software as a Service

The web also moves quickly. New technologies, frameworks, tools and techniques embed themselves into our digital lives and set our expectations. This can make something that was developed just a couple of years ago quickly seem dated by today’s standards.

Our centralised platform ensures our IR tools never become dated. We treat software development as a constant series of iterative improvements, and we’re always looking for ways to make our services faster, leaner and more intuitive for the end user.

If you’re looking to enhance the investor pages of your corporate website, or would like to explore ways you can improve existing services while saving money, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

Active Energy Group Plc

Listed on AIM since 1998, Active Energy Group Plc (LSE:AEG) operates internationally across the entire timber supply chain, from forest to factory and fuel.

Following a recent revamp of their website, AEG were keen to take advantage of our responsive investor tools that work equally well across mobile devices. You can see and interact with the tools we have supplied below, and you can also see them embedded into AEG’s website