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New website for Central Asia Metals Plc goes live

23 Aug 2016

Brighter IR delivers a responsive website for Central Asia Metals Plc, an AIM100 copper producer with operations in Kazakhstan and Chile

man operating boiler wearing red hard hat

Helping Central Asia Metals communicate with their stakeholders through the corporate website

Central Asia Metals PLC (AIM100:CAML) is a UK-based mining and metals company, although they don’t actually mine for the copper they produce. Instead it is leached from waste generated during soviet-era mining activities in Kazakstan at favourable production costs, and the company is also working on a feasibility study for a similar operation in the Chanaral Bay area of Chile.

CAML is also a great example of giving back to investors having returned to shareholders, through dividends and buybacks, amounts in excess of those raised at IPO.

Following a competitive pitch in June, we were excited to have been selected as CAML’s partner for the design, build, hosting and ongoing maintenance of their new corporate website.

We are delighted with our new website, which has been updated in terms of content, presentation and ease of use for the visitor. We found Pete and his team imaginative and we think they created an attractive looking website for us. Brighter IR were good to work with as they have an eye for detail and were able to meet our deadlines. I would recommend the team.

Gavin Ferrar, Business Development Director

A fresh new look

One of the key drivers for the project was to create a modern and responsive website that works and communicates equally across devices, something that’s especially important when we consider their non-UK stakeholders and audiences. The old website wasn’t responsive, and navigating it on a mobile or tablet was tricky at best.

We were also fortunate enough to have access to a large internal library of images to help communicate CAML’s narrative and operations. They say a picture can tell a thousand words, so we opted to include a bold, full-screen image carousel on the Home page to make the most of the vibrant shots and link users through to key areas of the site.

Central Asia Metals website

CAML’s new website

Previous Central Asia Metals website

CAML’s previous website

The header images at the top of internal pages are also truly responsive and automatically scale and crop regardless of screen size.

The website also focuses on CAML’s main corporate colours which also feature heavily within their annual report, although we tried not to be too “fussy” or intricate with the overall design, instead allowing the copy itself to quite literally, do the talking.

Making the most of Open Source technology

CAML’s previous website was developed using WordPress, an incredibly popular Content Management System (CMS). The site was maintained internally and CAML expressed their desire to continue using the technology if possible, largely thanks to its intuitive nature, ease of administration and lower running costs.

WordPress has certainly come a long way in the last three or four years, and while the core functionality has remained largely familiar during that time, we were keen to take advantage of all that the technology has to offer today. This includes the ability for CAML to quickly and easily generate ‘page templates’ that can best fit the content to be displayed, rather than ‘shoehorning’ content into a rigid template that requires development for each future change.

The new website has been warmly received so far and we look forward to developing it further as time goes on. If you’re thinking about developing a new corporate website get in touch to chat through your requirements.