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We’ve updated our Share Price Charts and RNS IR tools

19 May 2016

As part of our commitment to continually improve and enhance the services we offer, we’re pleased to release updates for both our Share Price Chart, and Regulatory News Service announcements IR tools

New features for Share Price Charts

A share price chart is a useful inclusion within the investor pages of any corporate website. It’s true that the information is readily available elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a useful feature for a range of stakeholders visiting your website. Indeed, analytics data teaches us that the share price pages are often among the most visited pages of a corporate website (if you have analytics on your own site take a look and let us know if you agree!).

But on its own, the amount of information a share price chart can infer is perhaps limited. It tells us the share price and volume on any given day, and demonstrates movement and trends over time, but it doesn’t tell us WHY the share price moved in the way that it did. It’s the context that’s missing.

Until now. We’ve listened to our clients and the users of our tools to better understand what they would like to see, and our Share Price Charts can now optionally include an overlay of regulatory news announcements, just click the checkbox on the example below:

We’re not suggesting that every RNS will have a direct impact on a companies share price, or even that the two are inextricably linked, but such a feature does provide additional context and help to create a bigger picture for the end user.

It’s also really useful when there has been a sudden movement, as you can quickly see if there was a big announcement at the same time and judge the correlation between the two for yourself. To complete the journey, clicking on an announcement popup will also open the article in question.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to add another small but useful feature in the form of 52 week high and low markers. You can also enable or disable this overlay and we hope it helps users to better understand relative performance.

Instant Search is enabled for Regulatory News Service (RNS) tools

We’ve already written about the need for speed behind the tools we deliver, and we’re also keenly focused on improving the way users interact with our services too. Reducing the need for unnecessary clicks, our Regulatory News Service announcements solution now features “Instant Search”, otherwise known as incremental search:

Put simply, there’s no need to type a full search term and click “Submit” any more. The results displayed will filter instantly as you begin to enter your search term. Admittedly it’s a small addition, but hopefully it’s a welcome one for our clients and their users as it makes using our services that much quicker and simpler.