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Spring 2019 update from Brighter IR towers

1 May 2019

It’s been around 6 months since the last blog post. What can I say, we’ve been busy. The team continues to grow (Hi, Jordon!), we’ve created exciting new IR tools, and sent many websites live for a range of clients.

We’re working with over 300 UK PLC’s today, so we’re pleased to welcome Jordon Cooper-Siddall to the team. As a project manager, Jordon is tasked with keeping our client work on track, and helping to manage and direct incoming support requests for our existing clients. Check out our team page to read his biography!

Share Price Alerting goes live!

Share Price Alerts

We’re constantly making iterative improvements to our IR tools platform, Polaris, but once in a while we’ll release a completely new service. This month saw the unveiling of our Share Price Alerts tool, and we’re quietly confident that it’ll prove to be a popular item for new and existing clients alike.

We’ve provided our clients and their visitors with regulatory news email alerts for many years, so adding a share price alerting function to the existing framework seemed like an obvious next step. It was a little more complicated to put into practice though, with lots to consider during the process.

You can see an example of the tool in action on the (recently refreshed) website we created for Central Asia Metals Plc (LON:CAML). The tool can be offered stand-alone, or as an integrated service combined with regulatory news alerts, as is the case with CAML.

Featuring a single sign-on shared with our regulatory news alerts tool, users can choose to receive a range of alerts from price climb, price decline, percentage variation and volume traded. The tool works off 15 minute delayed data, as with all our price related services, but it should still provide a useful point of reference.

The tool will also send an optional daily snapshot of open, high, low, price at close and daily volume at auction end, and the user has control over the frequency of the alerts, including the ability to set an expiry date if they would like to receive share price related alerts over a specific period.

A whole bunch of websites

In what has turned into a never ending stream of design and development cycles, the Brighter IR team has been incredibly busy crafting corporate and investor websites for a wide range of clients across all sizes and sectors. The keen eyed among you will have noticed we even found time to redesign our own website. It turns out we’re the worse client imaginable and the team are much happier when working for our clients.

If you have a website project you’d like to chat about please get in touch. We’re also open to working with other design agencies and don’t mind the odd white-label project either.

In the meantime, here’s a (small) selection of some of the projects to go live since our previous blog post. Keep an eye on our Portfolio section for more!

Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund (LON:SEQI)

Sequoia Economic Infrastructure Income Fund Limited invests in income-generating economic infrastructure debt, creating attractive risk adjusted returns for shareholders from its diverse portfolio of private debt and bond investments, across twelve mature jurisdictions and a range of sectors and sub-sectors. The Fund is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index of the London Stock Exchange.

Marlowe Plc (LON:MRL)

Marlowe plc is a UK leader in specialist services which assure safety and regulatory compliance, whilst managing risk for businesses across the country.

Nostrum Oil & Gas Plc (LON:NOG)

Nostrum Oil & Gas is an independent oil and gas exploration company based in North-western Kazakhstan, with substantial infrastructure assets and connections to major export destinations.

Hummingbird Resources Plc (LON:HUM)

Founded in late 2005, Hummingbird Resources is an African gold producer, developer and explorer, which listed on AIM in December 2010. Since IPO the Company has significantly grown its global resource inventory from an initial 0.8Moz to 6.4Moz across two countries, Mali and Liberia.

Location Sciences Verify (LON:LSAI)

Location Sciences is an independent, third party data intelligence company that verifies the accuracy and quality of location data used in proximity-targeted advertising. Verify is Location Sciences’ proprietary verification platform, offering independent, media-agnostic analysis and authentication of the accuracy and quality of location-targeted advertising data.

Ocean Outdoor Investor Microsite (LON:OOUT)

Occupying a unique position in the UK Out-of-Home advertising landscape, Ocean Outdoor specialises in digital, super-premium and globally iconic screen locations.

Benchmark Plc (LON:BMK)

Benchmark Plc (LON:BMK) listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2013. Today, the company is an international group employing over 1,000 people with revenues of £150m. Benchmark brings together biology and technology to enable food producers to improve their profitability and sustainability.

Victrex Plc (LON:VCT)

Victrex plc (LON:VCT) is an innovative world leader in high performance polymer solutions, focused on the strategic markets of automotive, aerospace, energy (including manufacturing & engineering), electronics and medical.