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Supporting K3 Capital Group plc’s recent IPO

20 Apr 2017

Delivering an AIM compliant corporate website for K3 Capital Group plc (LON:K3C) to support their recent London Stock Exchange IPO

A new investment opportunity

K3 Capital Group plc, a business and company sales specialist working across the business transfer, business brokerage and corporate finance sectors, successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market last week with a fundraise of £17.8m. Their market capitalisation today stands at £51m.

As a company coming to market, communication of the core offering in a way that is easily read and digested by new audiences is paramount. Potential investors will be asking themselves “who are they, what do they do and why should I invest?“.

K3 has three trading subsidiaries; KBS Corporate for corporate or commercial businesses, KBS Corporate Finance for larger or more complex transactions, and Knightsbridge for retail and high-street firms. This broad spectrum of service is one of the things that helps to set K3 apart, so it was important for us to help them convey these business verticals accurately within the new website.

KBS subsidiaries

Additionally, as with any IPO project, timing was a critical factor! From a regulatory perspective the website had to be ready for the launch to comply with the AIM Rules for Companies (specifically AIM Rule 26), but as the flotation date isn’t usually fixed until much nearer the time, we made sure to deliver the site with a comfortable margin with the bulk of the work completed within two weeks following our appointment.

BrighterIR were highly proactive in the development of the K3 Capital Group plc website. We were particularly impressed with BrighterIR’s positive approach to the project, and high level of expertise in creating websites to fit AIM requirements. We are extremely pleased with the final outcome, and the quality of the work provided.

The team were friendly, approachable and always available to respond to feedback and discuss any concerns. We would not hesitate to recommend BrighterIR to anyone looking to develop a corporate website, and most especially to those embarking upon listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Director, K3 Capital Group plc

Modern, responsive and flexible framework

From a visual perspective the new site is both clean and considered, while remaining unique, and hopefully memorable. Clear demarcation between content and navigation helps the eye to focus, and the heading and body fonts are easily read on all devices.

When used correctly, imagery isn’t just for decoration and can be a powerful and dynamic communication tool, so we were keen to re-use K3’s own imagery as much as possible to add a sense of personality and identity to the new site. These header images fade into a neutral light grey background, which itself provides a striking contrast to the parallax footer.

The sticky header and sidebar on scroll make it easy for the user to navigate around the site, and the traditional dropdown provides clear sign-posting and intuitive usability.

The site is of course responsive to cater for mobile audiences, and looking at the analytics we can see around a quarter of all visits are coming from mobile, so it’s a must-have for any company looking to communicate effectively.

As with all of our client work, we delivered the site on a flexible open source framework that makes it easy to update, and add new pages or sections to the site as the company grows and its need to communicate increases.

We also included a suite of dynamic IR tools, including share pricing, charting and automation of regulatory news service announcements to encourage repeat visits and ensure the site is a go-to destination for all audiences.

K3 Capital website