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Website refresh for Berkeley Energia Plc

13 Jan 2017

We’re pleased to have worked closely with Berkeley Energia to refresh their corporate website, with the new look going live at the end of November

The Brief

Berkeley Energia (BKY), dual listed on AIM and ASX, is a high impact, clean energy company focused on bringing its Salamanca uranium project into production.

Their website was built using WordPress within the last couple of years, but there were a number of problems with the implementation that led to a less than optimal experience. Editing and managing content was more difficult than it needed to be, but the website also suffered from an inconsistent application of design, structural issues and a lack of overall consideration.

We suggested that we could re-work the existing content into a more appealing framework and also fix some of the underlying technical issues in the process.

Brighter IR have been a pleasure to work with and have been happy to help with every and all requests. They’ve also taken the time to explain things and offer advice along the way, and I’m more than happy to recommend them.

K, Corporate Communications

Working with a pre-existing WordPress theme and framework

After some consideration, we agreed there was no need to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and we would use the existing install and WordPress theme as a basis for the redevelopment. There was nothing inherently wrong with it as such, it just wasn’t being used in the right way. This approach also kept costs manageable.

Working with a premium or “off-the-shelf” WordPress theme has its upsides. You can rapidly develop a professional looking website without having to go through a traditional (read: expensive and time consuming) design process. However, they can be limiting in their approach – so it’s important to select the right one at the outset. The catch is that it’s sometimes hard to know if you have the right one until you start working with it.

It’s fair to say the theme used for BKY’s website wasn’t without its issues, but we soon got comfortable with it and began making customisations to best suit the project and desired outcomes.

Improving the mobile experience, general appearance, URL structure, SEO performance, promotion of key content areas and website security

As anyone who follows BKY will attest, the company is highly attuned to their audiences and regularly pushes out company presentations, market updates and corporate videos to keep stakeholders informed.

We noticed these materials had a very definitive look and feel that we were keen to replicate within the new website. We shifted the colour palette of the website from predominantly orange and used more of the greys and blues being used elsewhere to deliver what we hope is a more polished look and feel.

Berkeley Energia website

We were also keen to feature such content more prominently within the new site. The Company Presentation is now available as an interactive gallery alongside the previous PDF download, BKY’s Twitter has been embedded into the site and the home page also features their most recent video content, which updates automatically as new videos are added to the site. We also completely reworked the media centre, which is now a permanent home for all press articles, information on company events and videos from various sources. This consolidation means it’s easier than ever to keep up with the latest news.

We also spent time working on the mobile experience, customising the theme and fixing various errors to ensure a smooth journey for mobile and tablet users.

The previous implementation also made some pretty basic errors when it came to content positioning and URL structures. All pages were created at the top level, so we re-organised content to be more intuitive, with parent and child relationships for each main section and the sub-pages within. We also created a right-hand sub-menu to improve signposting and navigability. This process also required us to create a series of 301 redirects from the old page structure to the new one to ensure old bookmarks and search engine indexes would lead to the right place.

We also took some simple measures to improve the site’s organic SEO score. We made sure page titles were uniform, included meta-descriptions for each page and reworked some of the on-page headings and content as needed.

And finally, we took some time to better secure the site against would-be hackers. Predominantly, these are automated bots looking for low-hanging fruit, but we take security seriously for all of our client sites. As leading WordPress security experts Wordfence have recently highlighted, there is an upward trend of brute force hack attempts, so it pays to be vigilant. Prevention is better than cure!