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Brighter IR is the first to deliver digital investor tools for ISDX members

19 Apr 2016

BRIGHTER*IR is delighted to announce our Preferred Partner status with ISDX allowing us to share the benefit of our digital corporate communications experience and deliver industry leading investor relations tools and widgets to ISDX member companies

Preferred partners

The constituents of a regulated exchange need to communicate effectively with the market and their investors, and that’s where we come in. Brighter IR is part of the support package ISDX offers to its members, ensuring the standards and perception of the market continue to flourish.

We’re well positioned to help companies adhere to ISDX rule 75, part of the ISDX Rules for Issuers.  Rule 75, much like AIM Rule 26, mandates the timely dissemination of information, as well as providing guidance and support in ensuring issuer websites provide confident, informative and transparent information for stakeholder audiences.

Aside from experienced digital communications consultancy and delivery, we are the first IR services provider to offer digital investor relations tools powered by ISDX market data. This includes share price feeds, charts and widgets, each designed to make the corporate website a go-to resource for investors and promote the quoted status of the issuer.

If you’d like to know more about how Brighter IR can sharpen the digital presence of your company or those you serve as an adviser to the market drop us a line at or give us a call if you prefer on 020 3123 4567.

What ISDX offers

Having spent some time researching how others perceive the SME focused UK exchange, we’ve noted most commentators seem more interested in focusing on what it is not:

  • It’s not some kind of ‘feeder’ market. ISDX operates on its own strengths and provides clear benefits against other UK markets.
  • It’s not solely about the big named companies that are rolled out in every piece of coverage, as if we can’t handle the thought of SME’s. Listed companies have solid reasons for their presence, but ISDX provides a clear opportunity for the SME market above all else and it should be applauded.

ISDX provides the SME market with simple, cost effective access to public financing, combined with a solid regulatory framework to engender trust from investors and other stakeholders. In listing on ISDX, an SME can raise funds for growth, create a value based framework for buying and selling shares, and empower both the owners of the business and those who choose to invest in it.

In addition it’s worth noting that around 80% of fundraising on the market stems from secondary issues as opposed to the initial IPO. This appears to be a particularly sensible approach compared to the conventional IPO ‘cash dump’ (going from “how shall we spend all this cash?”), by appropriating the funds as and when they are needed in a more precise fashion (to “we specifically need cash for this”).

So we have in ISDX a market that offers a tailored service, distinct from its peers, and with clear advantages to the right company.