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An update on the latest and greatest from Brighter*IR towers

31 Jul 2017

If we’ve been quiet recently it’s only because we’ve been busy! To make up for it, we take a look at some of our latest work, improvements and company updates

Work continues at pace and I’m pleased to report the Brighter IR team has been incredibly busy over the Summer. We’ve won plenty of new clients for our IR tools, but we also find ourselves working on more and more websites.

We still have many active projects in development, but you can see some of the new sites to go live recently below, along with news on our most recent member of staff, and some new services to go live. Phew.

We welcome Ben Greenfield to the team

Ben hails from Horsham, Sussex, and previously spent a year polishing his client-facing skills for a local estate agent before we lured him into the City with promises of fame and fortune. He’s keen to learn about and service the investor relations industry, and is already proving to be a valued member of the team. He also brings our median average age down quite considerably, but not as much as the picture would suggest.

Ben Greenfield

Corporate identity and website for
Octant Energy

We recently designed a new corporate identity – complete with offline and online deliverables – for Octant Energy, a private exploration company focused on the East Africa region.

The project began with a rethink of their visual identity, and we came up with a range of new logo concepts before refining the selected route. An octant is a navigational device used by seafarers hundreds of years ago, and seemed like the obvious choice given the companies name and location along the eastern edge of Africa where land meets sea.

With the new logo agreed we moved onto delivering ancillary items including business cards and a new PowerPoint template, and with the offline materials complete we turned our attention to delivering a new website.

Octant were keen for the website to reflect their unique qualities, and so wanted something that was different to “normal resources websites”. To that end we delivered something small, but perfectly formed! The logo animates into view as the site loads, and we also had some fun playing with an “oily” background which morphs as the user scrolls down the page. The menu is tucked away out of sight, but we look forward to adding more pages and content in future.

OCT website
Octant Energy logo

Responsive website for
Bahamas Petroleum Company Plc (LSE:BPC)

We also sent a new website live for Bahamas Petroleum Company Plc this week!

BPC’s previous website was developed a number of years ago, and like many sites of a similar age, it wasn’t responsive to cater for mobile audiences – something we were keen to fix with a rebuild.

Working with the existing sitemap and content we focused on delivering a modernised version of the old website. We bought the text size up to increase readability, added drop-down navigation from the main menu to make life easier for those moving through the site, and the header is also “sticky” ensuring the menu is ever-present and users don’t have to scroll back to the top of a page to navigate onto the next. And it’s well optimised for mobile visitors.

As you might expect, the site features a host of other small changes throughout; clean and efficient code, improved accessibility, SEO, and cross-browser compatibility.  You’ll also find our suite of share price and regulatory news related tools embedded to keep investors informed and encourage repeat visits.

But perhaps most importantly, our client is able to quickly and easily content manage the website, something that will save them money in the long-run and improve overall levels of communication. WordPress makes life a breeze for content managers, it’s why it supports 52% of the entire internet (plus a third of the top million sites). Building on popular open source offers, we hope, an investment that’s protected for many years to come.

BPC website
Bahamas Petroleum Company PLC logo

A whole new look for
Cabot Energy Plc (LSE:CAB)

Previously known as Northern Petroleum Plc, the company recently changed their name to Cabot Energy Plc, complete with a new brand and corporate identity.

Cabot’s previous site was developed a few years ago and once again, it wasn’t responsive for mobile devices, meaning it was difficult to navigate and read using a smartphone or tablet.

Cabot was also going through a period of change, and the new company name and logo gave them the perfect opportunity to re-imagine their corporate web presence to be more modern and reflective of the business as it stands today.

The project wasn’t just about style, either. We soon discovered that the underlying technology was important too. The previous content management system – Concrete5 – was at times difficult to use, especially when it came to basic tasks such as editing images or uploading files. It was also quite limiting with the amount of access available to other parts of the website.

If you’ve read this far it’ll come as no surprise that we rebuilt Cabot’s site using WordPress ensuring it’s easy to use, maintain and update. It also looks great on mobile devices, and comes complete with some of our IR tools to keep investors informed while freeing up the client from making manual updates.

Cabot screenshot
Cabot Energy PLC logo

Polaris platform updates and new tools

As part of our continued commitment to improve on the services we offer, we’ve also been very busy creating new features and functions within our Software as a Service (SaaS) platform used to deliver our suite of IR tools, Polaris.

First up is a simple addition to our most popular solution, the Regulatory News Service Announcements tool. One of our clients asked if we could develop “yearly buttons”, allowing the user to quickly filter results by each calendar year, without needing to select a custom data range in the pre-existing controls. Here’s an example of the tool, where you will notice the number of pages are paginated by year, and the results are reflected almost instantly the moment you press the button. We have a few other options built in that should cater for most tastes, but we’re always happy to add more!

Cabot RNS widget

v1.0 of our Recent Trades Tool is also live!

Working again from a client request, we’ve developed a Recent Trades tool to show the latest 200 trades.

The trades tool currently shows the date, time, volume and price traded, alongside the bid and offer. Users also have the ability to sort each column, choose how many results are shown on a single page, and they can also export into XLS, CSV or even PDF formats if desired.

This is very much the first version of the tool to be published, and we have plenty of ideas in the product roadmap to include additional data, features and functions for future releases.

We also encourage feedback and suggestions from our clients and their users, so if you have something you’re looking for drop us a line, maybe we’ll build it.

Central Asia Metals trade tool