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We welcome Zoltán Percze!

2 Apr 2018

As our expansion continues at pace, we’re extremely pleased to welcome Zoltán (aka Zoli) to the team as our resident digital designer!

Zoli’s interest in design and communications began in his home country of Budapest, Hungary, as early as 1998 when he discovered machine code on 8bit computers. A few years later he began work as a multi-channel graphic designer and content editor for a local media company while attending University.

Equally at home designing for print, digital and even 3D applications, Zoli gained experience in a broad range of design disciplines, and exposure to many of the design applications and programs that would become his go-to tools for many years to follow.

He worked in a similar role for PwC for a number of years before moving to the UK early 2011, where he soon developed a keen interest in digital development to compliment his design skill-set. Digital design often has many definitions depending on who you ask, but it’s generally accepted that all good visual designers will have an understanding of how designs are implemented and crafted into being.

We typically consume digital media on a 2D screen, but it still has a multitude of different properties to printed media. Add to the mix a wide range of user devices, and the rapid maturity of responsive web design, and it pays to know both sides of the process!

Zoli’s interests outside of work often revolve around his strong love of electronic music, particularly making it using his eclectic mix of old and modern synth hardware, attending concerts, or simply listening to it as he works (Depeche Mode and David Bowie both seem to be a particularly strong guilty pleasures!).

Zoli also has a keen interest in animal welfare, having volunteered for and supported various animal shelters and charities over the years.

Animals such as cats and dogs drawn in one line