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What haven’t we done recently?

11 Dec 2017

We’re pleased to welcome Erika, Stefan, Natalie (and Luna) to the team, create a lovely new IR App, and send many new corporate websites, IR micro-sites and IR tools live. Here’s the highlights!

It’s been a while, and that’s predominantly because the previous quarter has been fantastically busy across all fronts. We’ve welcomed plenty of clients for websites, IR tools, and branding, but we also find ourselves working on more and more IPOs recently too, a trend that we hope is set to continue.

We’ve also added to the team across all disciplines, created a new IR App (!), and polished off some IR tools (and added new ones). We’ve also embarked on a shiny new technical infrastructure to support the business as we grow and expand into new markets and geographies (more on that in the New Year….).

Erika joins the team…

Erika actually joined us back in April so we’re about 8 months too late with this introduction. She thought she had escaped the attention, but alas she now has to share an embarrassing image from her childhood just like the rest of us.

Erika was born in Latvia, is fluent in various languages, and moved to the UK around 7 years ago. Coming from a freelance background she’s truly versed in every aspect of digital from the initial scoping stages, through design, development and delivery. Erika also practices clean and efficient accessible code, is super organised, and keeps up-to-date with whatever is around the next corner. As a Mum to twin boys she’s also extremely calm under pressure!

Erika Balode

...along with Stef...

Stef joined us last month as a digital designer and developer and is already demonstrating considerable design skills with his first few projects.

Stef graduated Stirling University with a BA (Hons) in English Literature and started practising web development in 1999 when the web was still in its infancy, and a much different place.

After spending the last decade caring for and helping those less fortunate than himself, he’s recently rekindled his love of all things digital and we’re pleased to have him on board. He’s also well travelled, having spent time living in the Middle East, Thailand, France, Switzerland, Greece and Sri Lanka, ensuring he has a varied outlook on life and those around him.


...and Natalie (plus her sidekick, Luna)!

We’re also delighted to welcome a seasoned digital investor relations and corporate communications professional, Natalie, who joins us to head up Project Management and Client Services.

Nat has spent the last decade servicing a wide range of big-name clients within the industry, and with an almost fanatical attention to detail is already helping us to be quicker and more efficient than ever before! We’re a fast growing enterprise so having someone like Nat on board helps us to keep the service levels up and ensure we don’t compromise on quality.

She also brings Luna in a few days a week, so if you have a penchant for small and very cute Cavapoo’s be sure to pop in and say hello!

Natalie Williamson

Brighter*IR introduces v1.0 of our brand new IR App, helping to connect clients with investors

A few months ago we were asked if we could deliver an app to go with Caspian Sunrise‘s new website. It was already on the product roadmap so we adjusted priorities and got to work. We’re pleased so say that it’s just been rubber stamped and is now available for Caspian Sunrise’s investor audiences to download from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

We started by considering the true purpose of an IR App. We also looked at the most viewed pages of the sites we host and can see the core performance figures and latest documents are consistently within the top five pages viewed, so that seemed like a good place to start.

We’ve seen lots of “mini websites” disguised as IR apps, but most of them appeared to be out-of-date, or have content managed separately, or perhaps both. We wanted one that would offer users the information that appeared mattered most, but it also had to be simple to update. And ideally easy to customise and quick to turn around!

So that’s what version 1.0 of the Brighter*IR App does. Users can access intraday and historical share pricing, regulatory news announcements, and reports and presentations, all at the touch of a button.

We created the app using React Native, an elegant solution for having a single codebase working equally across iOS and Android, and we’ve also tied it into a CMS for ease of document publishing and ongoing management. We can also integrate it directly into the websites we create, allowing us and our clients a single point of content entry across multiple channels.

Our first dual-listed website client, Zenith Energy

Zenith Energy is a dual-listed oil and gas exploration and production company operating in Italy and Azerbaijan. The company originally listed on the Canadian TSX-V market, with a more recent admission to the London Stock Exchange’s Main Market.

The previous website was lacking in direction and attention to detail, and we were keen to deliver something contemporary that was reflective of their brand and values.

We also included an interactive Operations map to help users better understand their asset portfolio, and as a dual-listed company we’re pleased to have integrated two sets of share price related tools and services to keep investor audiences informed and up-to-date.

Screenshot of Zenith Energy website

A whole new look for Frontera Resources

Frontera Resources Corporation is an international oil and gas exploration and production company operating in emerging markets in Eastern Europe.

Their previous website was developed many years ago and from a technical perspective there was a lot of room for improvement. The new site is responsive to cater for the full range of today’s connected devices, but we also worked closely with the team on their overall messaging to ensure the current equity story was communicated. We also made some minor adjustments to their logo and helped to develop their overall identity as part of the process.

Screenshot of Fontera Resources website

Our first multi-language site to include Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) for Global Group Capital Management LLP

Following a recommendation from an existing client, we were very pleased to be able to deliver a corporate website for Global Group Capital Management, a London-based corporate finance company authorised and regulated by the FCA.

This project was especially interesting as it represents our first multi-language site delivered in English alongside Simplified and Traditional Chinese!

Acting as a bridge between the East and West, GGCM were keen to ensure their website appealed to both audiences, and we relished the challenge of working with a new set of typographical rules and considerations.

Screenshot of Global Group website

An evolution of APQ Global’s corporate site

APQ Global is an international emerging markets company with a focus on Asia, Latin America, Emerging Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Their previous website was already using WordPress but we identified a number of ways to make their content work harder, and hopefully be more engaging in the process. We rebuilt the site from the ground up in a process of evolution, and not revolution.

Working closely with APQ’s advisers, we reorganised some of the content, added new features, embedded social media alongside our popular IR tools, improved the security, and also made sure it was easy to update and manage in the process.

screenshot of APQ global website

IR Centre Microsite to support the AIM IPO of Boku Inc

Boku is the world’s leading independent direct carrier billing company. Boku’s technology enables mobile phone users to buy goods and services and charge them to their mobile phone bill or pre-pay balance. Their platform is used by their customers globally, including Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Spotify and Sony, so we were extremely excited to support their recent IPO!

As a global technology company, Boku didn’t need our help developing their identity or digital presence. However, listing in London presented a unique set of challenges that we were happy to service with the delivery of an IR Centre Micro-site, designed to match the look and feel of the existing website.

The end result is two websites effectively operating as one. We’ve taken responsibility for managing investor-focused content, keeping the site up to date during London market hours, and ensuring they continue to meet legislation and regulations now and in the future.

Screenshot of Boku website

And last but not least, a new look for Wey Education

Wey Education plc is the AIM listed holding company of an educational group providing online services worldwide.

As a technology-driven Group with a clear focus on the independent subsidiaries and brands that it operates, their previous corporate website was visually out-date, and the time had come for modernisation.

Focusing on the brief we took a slightly different approach to this project and decided to create a “one-page” website; essentially one long page displaying all of the necessary information as the user scrolls down. This is complimented with ‘anchors’ and a traditional navigation bar, allowing users to jump to specific content in a single click.

The result is a clean, modern and easy to manage corporate website that promotes each subsidiary while meeting regulations and keeping stakeholders informed.

screenshot of Wey Education website
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