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Our share price charts now feature intraday

10 Feb 2017

As part of our commitment to continually improve the services we offer, our share price charts now plot share price movement throughout the day

Track intraday share price performance

We’re always looking to improve the services we offer for the benefit of our clients, and it’s fair to say we have more ideas than hours in the day.

Thankfully we decided early into our journey that intraday charting was high on the list, and we’re now pleased to include it as standard. Existing clients can upgrade without charge, and the feature┬ácan be enabled at the flick of a switch.

Share Price chart

Share price performance is at the centre of every investment decision, and while historical share price charting offers a perfect overview of past performance, it lacks the granular detail many are looking for, especially more frequent traders. Day high, low and volume values only tell part of the story (and only at the end of the day), investors still want to know what happened during the day.

Intraday charting offers that detail. Our share price charts now plot performance each minute of the trading day with a 15 minute delay. Users of our charts can now see and understand intraday movement directly from our client corporate websites, a feature we hope will encourage repeat visits and make investor pages a go to resource for multiple stakeholders.

The nature of intraday charting means it doesn’t need date range controls, so we opted to deliver it as a separate chart accessed via a simple button complete with its own controls. In addition, data will clear at midnight each day, ready for the next trading day.

You can interact with a live example over at and now the developments are complete we can move onto the next round of updates, so stay tuned!