Allow us to automate the posting of Regulatory News Service (RNS) announcements to your website, helping you communicate with all audiences and meet regulations

To expand on these regulations, AIM companies must make this information available on their websites free of charge:

“All notifications the AIM company has made in the past 12 months”

In this instance ‘notifications’ translates to information released over official newswires. Likewise, for MAIN market participants, rule 3.18 of the Transparency Directive states:

“If companies announce any inside information via an RIS, they must make that information available on their website by the close of the next business day. The information may not be published on the website before it is announced via an RIS and it must be available on the website for at least a year”

As a consequence, including regulatory news releases within your corporate website has been the standard for nearly a decade, and investors have an understandable conventional expectation to access current and historical information quickly and easily.

Automated for peace of mind

Our regulatory news service announcements feed offers peace of mind from a compliance perspective, ensuring your corporate website is updated with new announcements within minutes of their release to market. Releases are displayed exactly as they were sent out, without the need for re-keying. Automation also saves you time from making manual updates!

Searchable and filterable solution

A straightforward list of PDFs linked from your website isn’t hugely accessible or usable. Our services include keyword search, date range and category filters to help users find particular stories of interest quickly and easily.

Keep investors up to date and build intelligence

An automated regulatory news service announcements alert service offers benefits to end-users, and to you. Users can register to receive emails whenever a new announcement is made, and a list of registered users then becomes available helping you to understand who is interested in your company.