Share price and trade data feeds and widgets inform investor audiences, advertise your position and ensure your corporate website is a well-used resource

There are many sources for investors and interested parties to look up and view your historic share price performance, but keeping audiences focused on your corporate website helps you to control overall messaging and provide additional context.

Our share price tools and feeds are designed with investors in mind. Our data comes from industry leading suppliers and is robust in its application to ensure timely and accurate representation of your company’s performance.

Flexible share price feeds delivered in multiple formats

Our share price and trade data tools can be delivered in a number of ways. Our HTML widgets are responsive and will work equally across the full range of today’s connected devices, and tomorrow’s too. Integration is straightforward too, usually requiring a single line of code.

We also supply raw data feeds in JSON and XML formats for those looking for greater control over the placement, display and styling of data throughout the website.

Designed and styled to match your website

We’ve invested heavily in the technology that supports our suite of IR tools and services, and this includes the ability to customise and style our services to match your website for seamless integration.

We can take the lead and combine our experience with your existing colours, fonts and site layout to create something that works, but we’re equally at home following supplied mockups and brand guidelines. We’re also happy to work directly with your internal technical team or external website providers allowing you to concentrate on other areas.

Rapid deployment and free future upgrades

Brighter IR has taken a modern approach to the delivery of our IR tools and feeds through the creation of a bespoke platform designed around the needs of our clients and their audiences.

Our IR tools are created, edited and administrated at the touch of a button, meaning delivery often takes hours, not weeks. Additionally, centralised management allows to to take a modern approach to software development. Our clients benefit equally from future upgrades, additional features and general enhancements as new and emerging technologies become the new standard. We don’t charge for such improvements either. It’s just one of the many reasons to work with Brighter IR.