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Polaris, our proprietary SaaS platform, allows us to deliver customised market data driven solutions quickly and easily. We never stop making improvements to our suite of services either, with future client updates included for free as part of the package - that's something you won't find elsewhere.

Investor tools

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our IR tools are constantly evolving and improving thanks to our software-as-a-service approach, allowing us to roll out future updates and enhancements at the press of a button. Usually every other week or so.

We’re also committed to suggestions for improvements and new features, it’s what sets us apart.

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Designed for the Modern Web

We’ve been working in the industry since 2003, and we’ve listened to the needs of our clients and their stakeholders to create a modern solution.

  • Widgets and feeds are easy to create and customise
  • Work all user devices with responsive design
  • Served over HTTPS for integration into any website
  • Compliant code that’s fast and efficient
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Lightning Quick AWS Hosting

Our IR tools are hosted on a scalable, resilient and highly -available UK infrastructure with Amazon Web Services that’s fully GDPR compliant. It allows us to deliver the fastest tools, in the fastest time.

We continue to invest heavily in the underlying technology that powers and supports our services too, providing the best reliability in the business.

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Accurate and Timely

We’re plumbed in to a variety of exchanges, including the LSE, NEX, ISE, ASX, TSX (+TSX-V), NYSE and NASDAQ markets, with a range of services designed for each.

It’s not just equities data either. With popular commodities data, currency conversion rates, and the ability to create custom APIs, we can help make your website a go-to resource for investors.

Share Price & Trade Data

Delivered as a responsive pre-styled component ready to embed, Brighter IR offers comprehensive share price and trade data solutions.

Our share price table tools are fully customisable to include:

  • Market capitalisation
  • Total number of shares in issue
  • Day Change / Percentage
  • Last Sale / Close
  • Best Bid / Offer
  • Day High / Low
  • Daily / Weekly / Yearly change information
  • Recent trades
  • Periodic share price movement
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Interactive Share Price Charting

Our historic and intraday share price charting tools can be styled to match the look and feel of your website, and are designed to be easy to use and quick to integrate.

Our charting tools include the following features:

  • HTML5, touch-enabled and responsive for all user devices and browsers
  • Interactive options to redraw the chart and data points
  • Export and download in multiple formats
  • 52week High and Low markers
  • RNS overlay to offer additional context between announcements and price movement
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Regulatory Newswires

Designed to save you from making manual updates, our regulatory news announcements tools automatically publish regulatory news on your website as you release it to the market, in line with Best Practice guidelines.

  • Coverage from all of the major newswires (RNS, RNS Reach, PR Newswire, Business Wire, Globenewswire, Thomson Reuters, NASDAQ)
  • Instant keyword search
  • Categorisation and date range filters
  • Automatically generated ‘on-the-fly’ PDFs
  • Customisable Header and Footer options

We have also developed a custom “Inside Information” category encompassing all potentially price-sensitive announcements, helping you comply with the Market Abuse Regulations which came into force on 3rd July 2016.

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Regulatory News & Share Price Alerts

Our GDPR compliant Regulatory News Email Alerts service sends registered subscribers an email each time you release a new regulatory announcement, ensuring your investors remain informed in a timely manner.

Users can securely register to receive all alerts, or select from specific categories of announcement only, and they can login and edit their preferences at any time.

In addition we offer a Share Price Email Alerts tool, allowing your investors to be notified when customisable conditions are triggered.

Users can select from a number of critera covering share price movement and trade volumes, and they can also choose to receive a summary at the end of each trading day.

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Smaller Widgets & Raw Data Feeds

We also have a suite of smaller widgets for those looking to include summary information on key landing pages, or elsewhere within a website such as the header or footer.

Our ‘thumbnail’ share price chart is a smaller version of our inclusive share price charting solution. Designed to give users an at-a-glance snapshot of share price performance, it can act as the perfect click-through to a more detailed share price page within the website.

Our RNS Headlines widget is another great addition to help drive traffic and provide a quick point of reference for your visitors.

We can also create bespoke share price widgets, or deliver data in raw XML or JSON formats, making the display of your share price anywhere on the site straightforward.

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Share Price & Dividend Calculators

Delivered as a responsive pre-styled component ready to embed, our share price calculator tool has been designed to make it easy for your stakeholders to calculate the current value of their holding, based on the latest share price and its change in value over time.

We also offer a dividend history and calculator designed to cater for a wide range of potential configurations, powered by various datasets including the Net and Gross dividend payments. Users can select the dividend, type, and the number of shares held to quickly calculate their total dividend payment.

Both tools include intuitive user controls designed to make interrogating and sorting the data straightforward, including a dedicated export function in XLS, CSV and PDF formats.

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Historic Share Price & Trade Lookup

Our historical lookup and download tools for share pricing and trade data display a snapshot summary of trading activity for quick and easy reference.

Investors can sort each of the columns at the press of a button, change the number of results displayed on each page and download the data into XLS, CSV or PDF formats.

The historic share price lookup tool includes all of your historic records since the first day of dealings, while the recent trades tool includes data on the previous 200 trades only.

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IR Master 'Tabbed' Solution

For those looking to display a number of our services on a single web page, our tabbed ‘IR Master‘ solution provides a simple and elegant result.

Grouping our services together on a single URL makes integration straightforward with only one iframe to consider. IR Master is fully responsive, and we can help you to achieve seamless integrate without scrollbars using CSS media queries, or a small piece of JavaScript.

We’ll design a series of tabs to match the look and feel of your website, allowing your visitors to easily move between each of the tools which include the same features and functions as you would find on our individual services.

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Interested? Drop us a line.

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