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We're a passionate and experienced team that works quickly and collaboratively. With a customer focused attitude, we're always happy to talk, but also to listen. The team is growing quickly, so if you think you have something to offer drop us a line.



Pete Meadows

Chief Executive Officer

Pete is the CEO and co-founder of Brighter IR. Having grown up in parallel with the advent of home computing during the early 80s, his interest and passion for all things digital was cemented at an early age. Pete began his career within investor relations in 2003, and his experience working for other agencies helped define the way we do business today. Outside of work, Pete’s a huge fan of virtual reality gaming (allowing him to fulfil his fantasy of being a racing driver), cowboy coder and devoted family man.

Sam Diamond

Chief Technology Officer

Sam is the chief architect of Polaris, Brighter IR’s platform for creating and delivering IR tools. Having been a professional backend developer for a decade, and a hobbyist web developer and graphic designer for many years before that, it should surprise nobody that Sam is actually a qualified linguist.

Originally from Chester, Sam headed down South seeking the bright lights, thrilling adventure and beer festivals of the big city, but fate had other plans and he met Pete and Scott instead.

Scott Macdonald-Thomson

Sales Director

Hi, I’m Scott, Sales Director and Co-Founder of Brighter IR. I have over 15 years experience within the industry formerly working with NASDAQ, Morningstar and Hemscott Group. We formed the business based on our experiences and the distinct feeling there needed to be a better way to serve clients with IR tools and websites. Seems we were right. Outside of work my time is taken up by my wonderful family, hoarding old comics and still playing football until my legs say ‘no’.

Our team

Ronnie Kroon

Chief Digital Officer

I bring more than 15 years of industry experience, including time working alongside Pete (CEO) and Scott (Sales Director) at Hemscott Group where I worked from 2004 to 2008. I started my career as a web developer before progressing to project manager, and finally the Head of Web Development. I also spent time working for Morningstar IR and Investis, the latter of which I spent 7 years working both in their London and New York offices as a Senior Consultant and Director of UX and Design respectively.

Outside of work I love everything to do with music – listening and making – as well as anything creative such as films, tv, art and books. Long walks and even longer bike rides are also a must.

Natalie Williamson

Head of Project Management & Client Services

Like a lot good wines in the UK, I was imported from New Zealand. A desire to travel brought me here…fabulous people, great career opportunities and a love of London, have meant I’ve stayed for more than a decade! When I’m not at a gig, shopping, eating or drinking, I’m probably walking my dog Luna in a random countryside location.

Jordon Cooper-Siddall

Project Manager

I’m originally from the great city of Sheffield but have lived in the south for almost 10 years. I moved to London back in 2009 with my then girlfriend – now wife, and have never looked back!

I’m a certified geek, music junkie and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enthusiast. When I’m not at work or on the mats you’ll usually find me spending time with friends & family, or planning our next adventure with my wife. Previous adventures have included road tripping from Portugal to London, exploring the Yucatán Peninsula and visiting the home of Reggae, Jamaica.

I started working in project management about 4 years ago. During that time I’ve worked on a range of projects across several sectors.

Zoltán Percze


Budapest / London / 80s / 8bit computers / Commodore demo scene / Depeche Mode / David Bowie / Digital & print / Graphic / Design / Digital development / Comics / Board games / TV shows / Douglas Adams / Terry Pratchett / Electronic music / Gigs / Synths / Pets / Animal welfare / Nature / Sports

Erika Balode

Senior Front-end Developer

Erika was born in Latvia, is fluent in various languages, and moved to the UK around 7 years ago. She’s now a UK citizen. Coming from a freelance background she’s truly versed in every aspect of digital from the initial scoping stages, through design, development and delivery. Erika also practices clean and efficient accessible code, is super organised, and keeps up-to-date with whatever is around the next corner. As a Mum to twin boys she’s also extremely calm under pressure!

Ramona Tapi

Front-end Developer

My name is Ramona and I am originally from Romania, such irony, I know. Many people misspell  my name to Romona so don’t worry if you do the same, I’m used to it. I moved to UK in 2010 to study for a Degree in Software Engineering at the Aberystwyth University in Wales.

Following my degree, I became a Front-End Developer for a global PR firm in 2014, where I gained direct experience of public companies and corporate communications. I subsequently worked for a couple of other agencies to further my programming skill set, paying particular attention to emerging technologies, processes and workflow.

Outside work my life revolves around travelling and photography.

Raghav (Ragu) Varsani

Front-end Developer

Ragu has been working as a web developer since 2015 and recently joined Brighter IR as a website developer. He’s both creative and a great coder – which is a combination that isn’t all too common! Outside of the office, Ragu is far less sedentary and is an enthusiastic football player. He also completed the Cardiff half marathon and raised money for charity.

Riccardo Altieri

Front-end Developer

Hey, my name is Riccardo, and I am Italian. My biggest passions are the world of tech, travelling, nature and animals, taking photographs here and there in the world, beer, picking up my basketball and hitting a basket whenever I feel like doing it!

My working experience started nearly ten years ago when I completed my studies in Graphic and Editorial Design. I worked with different types of agencies and companies and met very talented people during my journey. I recently joined the Brighter IR crew as a WordPress Developer.


Office therapist

Woof woof woof… woof woof!

* bzzzzzzzzt *


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