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Knowledge and experience combined with fresh ideas

With decades’ experience across digital development, investor relations, corporate communications, multimedia and branding, we offer brighter thinking that’s at the forefront of technology

Who we are

“Let’s create a new type of digital agency to service public clients in the very best way possible, it'll be fun!”

We’re customer focused and combine cutting-edge technology with experienced insight, consultancy and support that’s designed around your needs, and exceeding user expectations.

We’re also down to earth, open minded, and determined to cut through the “corporate speak”, simplifying processes and making life easier wherever possible.

We’re also proud to be featured within the London Stock Exchange’s Issuer Service Marketplace as a recognised supplier.

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And so Brighter IR offers traditional solutions in new ways.

We speak plainly and openly, and we’re not afraid to question a brief or explain our reasoning. We’re naturally open to new ideas and ways of working, and we invite feedback on everything we do.

Our team is experienced and friendly, and we’re always happy to roll up our sleeves and help out where required. It’s what sets us apart.

If you’d like to learn more about what makes Brighter IR different, or you have a project you’d like to discuss, please get in touch. We like making new friends.

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